Earlier projects

  1. Masabeda Solar Pump Project
  2. Manual pumps for Endallah en Khusumay

Masabeda Solar Pump Project

Project duration: October 2014 – January 2016
Total budget: 42.000 EUR
Misingi contribution: 34.000 EUR
Co-financing Masabeda village en ENDAWASU: 8000 EUR
Beneficiaries: 4000 inhabitants of the remote area of Masabeda and the bordering boroughs of Getamock, Endallah and Endamarariek
Completed: installation of water pump with borehole of 97m depth, installation of photovoltaic panels as power source, construction of 3 reservoirs of 5000 litres on a platform and connections to the water pump, 1 main distribution point with faucet for daily use and 1 valve for large consumers, 2 distribution pipes of 1,5 to 2 km each from the storage reservoirs to distribution points.
Coordination Tanzania: Elibariki A. Dimme
Coordination Belgium: Steven Andries (working group water of Misingi).

The completion of the solar water pump of Masabeda meant a giant step forward for this remote and often forgotten neighbourhood (in 2015 Masabeda was granted the title ‘village’). Before the solar pump was put in place it used to be a long walk from the hills of Masebeda to the lower water distribution points. The impact on the daily life of the people of Masabeda couldn’t be greater. The pump put an end to the many hours of carrying water home from the valley and to the endless digging for water in the dry river beds. From now on there’s permanent and easily accessible water for everybody. In the dry season even the inhabitants of Getamock, Endamarariek and Endalla who live close to the border with Masabeda, come here to fetch water. And for the farmers who need larger volumes of water there’s a separate distribution point.

For Misingi this project has been a first encounter with water projects on a bigger scale. In that sense it made an interesting exercise that offered both the project leaders of Misingi and Endawasu the opportunity to absorb more knowledge about managing these kinds of projects. At the same time they got the chance to collaborate together for the first time ever. The success of this project led directly to the new ‘Maji’ project. Both partners are now ready for a new ambitious project that will provide water to the whole of Endallah.

Report of the official inauguration of the solar water pump of Masabeda

Manual pumps for Endallah en Khusumay

Project duration : 2010 – January 2014
Total budget: 9500 EUR
Contribution Misingi: 9000 EUR (through private sponsorships of travellers of Endallah Cultural Tours Ltd.)
Cofinanciering Endallah village and Khusumay village: 500 EUR
Beneficiaries: For each pump, about a hundred families living close to the pumps.
Completed: Installation of three manual pumps with a static head of 12 metres.
Coordination Tanzania: Petro Y. Saidi and John L. Mahu
Coordination Belgium: Roger Andries (Misingi vzw)

Misingi vzw took its first steps in the world of water provisioning thanks to private donations of a few client-travellers of Endallah Cultural Tours and their supporters. Things began on a small scale with the installation of three manual pumps.

The operating cost of the manual pumps is low since they are easily serviceable and simple models with a limited static head, serving boreholes of about 12m in depth. When placed in a good location, these pumps can provide water cheaply for nearby residents for an extended period throughout the year. During the dry season however, it is possible that the water table gets depleted locally and needs a few hours to recover. This phenomenon obviously worsens as the dry season progresses, resulting in the unavailability of water at the end of the season. Nevertheless, these pumps are a fine solution for the residents for a good deal of the year since they shorten waiting times as well as eliminating travel time.

The water problem in Endallah can only permanently and definitely solved by drilling boreholes of over 100m in depth to water layers with good output and permanent availability. The old network of four distribution points, the new network with 12 to be installed additional distribution points, the installed solar pump on the border between Endallah and Masabeda with two distribution points and the three smaller manual pumps are from that perspective complementary. The total of 21 distribution points together will contribute to continuous availability of water and will achieve that waiting times and travel distances be shortened drastically. As such, the life of inhabitants of Endallah will have made substantial progress over an eight year time span.